Mundane Margery!!

We have a very exciting short coming up in the next few months. Keep your eye out for it as it will be playing at the “An October Evening” festival on October 20th, 2012. The festival is at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City, UT. Come enjoy a gothic night of music, film, fashion and art. (!/pages/An-October-Evening/103887549667131)

Here is a little blurb on Mundane Margery to give you a little taste:

Mundane Margery

Mundane Margery is a suspense/comedy short film. Margery is an older woman who works in a toll booth at a parking garage. She fills her boring days with crossword puzzles and maybe the occasional conversation with patrons of the parking garage. Her gray apartment is equally as mundane as she lives alone and spends her time watching late night television and eating TV dinners. One day, while Margery is working in the parking garage, she gets a visit from a mysterious creature, and mundane Margery’s life begins to not be so mundane, anymore.

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